Savage Press


Publishing with Savage Press will help you:

  • Reach more donors
  • Share your mission vision and values in a memorable and compelling way – a way that invites response!
  • Turn prospects and casual donors into lifetime supporters
  • Create more positive awareness for the good you are doing in the world
  • Position you as a leader in your market

You have an incredible story to share with the world.

Savage Press will help you get your story artfully and strategically published.


Savage Press is not self-publishing


It’s a partnership that offers you these first-class services:

  • Message development strategy – we’ll help you think through the right way to shape and share your story
  • Ghostwriting – we’ll capture your voice and share your story in authentic ways without you or your team having to take time away from your calling to write.
  • Complete editorial and design services – you don’t want a brilliant message published in a half-baked way.
  • Aggressive marketing, publicity and distribution – we will help you not only get in front of your existing and prospective donors, our nationwide distribution team will get your message in front of new donors!
  • Gold-Red Savage Press LogoThere is no risk or fee to talk with one of our consultants about this creative ministry option.


  • You retain all rights to your message
  • Books are published in print and digital formats (audio books, mobile apps, online courses, blog posts and magazine articles can be developed as well)
  • You earn royalties of 50%-60% on sales through distributors and stores
  • You enjoy deep author discounts on the copies you order for your own ministry purposes, typically 60%-80% off retail.
  • Cross Marketing – Your book and story are integrated into your other marketing and ministry programs
  • Both-books