Kevin Singleton is a nonprofit youth development expert and mentor, a cross cultural musician, and a Grammy Award winning songwriter.  As a platform speaker, teacher, and enduring musician he has performed at conferences and school assemblies for more than 3 million students and educators in 20 countries around the world.  He employs components of what he calls “The Mailman Method,” which he learned from his college basketball coach, Bill Peterson, who created the workout method for Karl Malone. Kevin continues to add to his songwriting repertoire, where his songs have been sung by faith-based organizations globally.

In 2009 Kevin founded Elevate New York, accredited by the New York City Department of Education as an in-school/after-school mentoring 501c3 serving those in the poorest congressional district in America. Over the last decade, he has raised and invested over $3 million into NYC Community School district 8. The conservative Social ROI is now over $20 million, because of their dropout prevention rates and the state or federal funds no longer needed to subsidize their graduates.

Kevin is most often asked to develop leadership among teams and bring inspiration and innovation to program development. In response to the overwhelming amount of requests for understanding a cross-cultural approach to music, mentoring and faith, Kevin is also developing a music and mentoring online subscription program, along with other tools and resources he has developed and brings to his TSG clients.