Dr. Ken Canfield is a nationally known leader and scholar who has committed his life to strengthening men, fathers, families and grandparents. He founded the National Center For Fathering and the National Association for Grandparenting, and has been in involved in many other non-profits and Churches during his career.

Dr. Canfield has served as a consultant to media, national, state and community leaders—often in partnership with his wife, Michelle. Ken has testified to the National Commission of Children (1990), served as a founding member of the Father to Father Initiative (1995-2000) and the National Fatherhood Leaders Group (2002-2006). He has been recognized for his leadership and was awarded the Father of the Year (1993) by the National Congress for Men and Children, the Most Outstanding Alumnus Award (2006) from his alma mater, Friends University, and the Polish Presidential Medal of Honor (2007).

While pursuing his PhD in the early 1990’s Dr. Canfield worked as the Vice President of The Osborne Company, a construction and development firm in the Midwest.  Dr. Canfield identified sites, completed market studies, acquired zoning, and secured investor capital for the development and management of Continuing Care Retirement Centers (CCRC’s).  His experience in real estate and community development throughout the state of Kansas coupled with his academic credentials was a platform for his Gubernatorial campaign in 2006.  He has continued to be a consultant to companies and Churches in their development of long-term care facilities and campus expansion.

He is also the author of numerous articles, both popular and scientific. His work has appeared in Psychological Reports, Educational and Psychological Measurements, The World and I, Parents, Today’s Better Life, Living with Children and New Man. He is the author of twelve books, including The 7 Secrets of Effective Fathers, The Heart of a Father, The Adventures of Fatherhood Series, and They Call Me Dad, as well as several book chapters in collaborative books.  Educational excellence and collaboration with home and Christian schools has been another arena which Dr. Canfield has cultivated.

Besides publishing, Canfield has been heard on a daily weekday radio commentary, Today’s Father, which he began in 1993 and aired on over 600 stations nationwide. His most recent radio program, Grands Matter, focuses on the important role grandparents fulfill in the family.  He has been interviewed on The Oprah Winfrey Show (twice), NBC’s Today Show, ABC’s World News Tonight, Focus on the Family, 700 Club, and numerous other radio and television programs.

Dr. Canfield believes that fathers and grandparents are untapped resources which can strengthen the American family. “With complex family issues and life opportunities mothers, fathers and grandparents must wrestle with the questions: ‘What is my purpose, and how am I fulfilling it in my family—educationally, emotionally, relationally and spiritually?’”

Dr. Canfield has 5 adult children (three daughters and two sons), three sons-in-law, one daughter in-law and fourteen grandchildren. He is married to Dr. Michelle Watson Canfield ( and they reside in Fayetteville, Arkansas.