The Right Leaders

Nonprofits need the right leaders with the right skills and character for their organizations to thrive. So why do nonprofits sometimes have the wrong leaders? Our organizational culture occasionally rewards the wrong qualities, and people are promoted past their level of competency. In other cases, there are no clear and honest metrics to measure leader performance. And at other times, boards make misguided hiring decisions because of limited experience in the nonprofit world.

At The Savage Group, we have solutions that can address each of these issues and more. Together, we can foster healthy collaboration between your leaders and board.

Placing the Right Leaders in Your Organization:

  • Retained executive search: Dan Bronson will bring his extensive experience to bear on your need, conducting your search and finding an ideal candidate for the leadership position.
  • Search support: The Savage Group will assist you in your search efforts in the following ways:
    • Assessment
    • Job descriptions
    • Background checks
  • Recruiting interim leadership
  • Compensation matrices (industry benchmarking)
  • Succession planning
  • Nonprofit entrepreneurship recruitment, assessment, and development

Developing Your Existing Leaders:

  • Staff performance metrics and reviews
  • Board recruitment
  • Leadership coaching

Division Leader

Dan has over 20 years’ experience in executive search for corporate positions and not for profit Christian organizations. He previously led the Colorado Office of Lasher Associates for nonprofit clients including Christian Schools, Youth Organizations, Various Church Denominations and Para-Church Organizations.