Better Together

What if we could lay aside our logos and egos to unite for a cause that really matters? That’s the vision of Paul Fleischmann, a passionate expert in collaboration, youth ministry, and executive leadership who has demonstrated an ability to draw diverse types of leaders around a single purpose and vision. Paul’s experience fostering collaboration includes his work as co-founder, president, and president emeritus of the National Network of Youth Ministries (NNYM), as well as founding organizer of See You at the Pole, the Campus Alliance, and the Youth Ministry Executive Council.


Through his Better Together resources, Paul serves individuals and groups through keynote and breakout session speaking, training workshops and retreats, and long-term consulting and coaching relationships. He leverages his experience and expertise on the topics of collaboration, teamwork, youth ministry, and succession planning to help others advance their dreams and goals with greater effectiveness and maximum impact.

Paul also specializes in succession planning, helping leaders prepare for transition in their organizations in a way that leaves a lasting legacy.

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We need each other! Paul Fleischmann’s most recent book, Better Together: Discovering the Dynamic Results of Cooperation, shares the experiences and twelve timeless principles that emerged over thirty years as essential for effectiveness in working together. The book has become a designated networking resource for twenty national ministries.

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