Paul Fleischmann is an expert in collaboration and executive leadership who has demonstrated an ability to draw diverse types of leaders around a single purpose and vision.

Paul got his start in youth ministry as a part-time youth pastor, and later as a staff intern with Youth for Christ. He served for twenty years with Campus Crusade for Christ’s high school ministry (Student Venture), working with students locally and then nationally and serving as the director of a ministry to local church youth pastors. Paul co-founded the National Network of Youth Ministries (NNYM) in 1981 and served as its president until 2011. Since then he has been employed at NNYM as president emeritus.

For thirty years, Paul has been the lead partner in forming and guiding NNYM—uniting youth workers, churches, and national ministries to reach teenagers for Christ. This coalition represents 100,000 churches, 250,000 youth workers, and over three million teenagers. He is also a founding organizer of See You at the Pole, the Campus Alliance, and the Youth Ministry Executive Council. He serves on the boards of the National Association of Evangelicals, the National Prayer Committee, Mission America, and the 4 to 14 Window Movement for North America. Formerly, Paul was an elder in his church (Emmanuel Faith Community Church, Escondido, CA) and Chair of the World Evangelical Alliance Youth Commission, an international youth ministry network.

Paul’s book, Discipling the Young Person, won the Gold Medallion award. In October 2013, he received the Lifetime Achievement Award from Youth Specialties. His most recent book, Better Together, was released in November 2014 and has become an official networking resource for twenty national ministries.

Paul and his wife Toni live in San Diego, California, and have two adult sons and two grandchildren.

What if we could lay aside our logos and egos to unite for a cause that really matters? That’s Paul’s vision, and he works to make it a reality by leveraging his experience and expertise on the topics of collaboration, teamwork, and succession planning to help leaders, ministries, and nonprofit organizations contribute to a future of greater effectiveness through cooperation.

Better Together


  • Consultant
  • Networker

  • Counselor


  • Project management
  • Grant writing
  • Event planning
  • Youth ministry assessment
  • Writing and editing

  • Fund development
  • Board development
  • Management and administration
  • Strategic planning
  • Succession planning and transitions


  • B.A., Seattle Pacific University

  • Master of Divinity, Western Seminary, Portland, OR


  • Youth for Christ (part-time youth pastor and staff intern)
  • Campus Crusade for Christ (Student Venture)
  • National Network of Youth Ministries (co-founder, president, president emeritus)
  • See You at the Pole (founding organizer)
  • Campus Alliance (founding organizer)
  • Youth Ministry Executive Council (founding organizer)

  • National Association of Evangelicals (board member)
  • National Prayer Committee (board member)
  • Mission America (board member)
  • 4 to 14 Window Movement for North America (board member)
  • Emmanuel Faith Community Church, Escondido, CA (elder)
  • World Evangelical Alliance Youth Commission (chair)


  • Who’s Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universities (1968)
  • Honorary Faculty Member, Etowah, Alabama County Public Schools (1970)
  • Outstanding Young Men of America, U.S. Chamber of Commerce (1976, 1982)
  • Gold Medallion, Evangelical Christian Publishers Association (1986)

  • Who’s Who in America (1986-present)
  • Alumnus of Growing Vision, Seattle Pacific University (1990)
  • Lifetime Achievement Award, Youth Specialties (2013)


  • Author, Better Together (Higher Life Publishing, 2014)
  • Author, Where To Turn for Help in Youth Ministry (National Network, 1996)
  • Co-author, The Magnet Effect (Scripture Press, 1994)
  • Contributing author, Youth Ministry Handbook (Word, 2000)
  • Contributing author, Reaching a Generation for Christ (Moody, 1997)

  • Contributing author, Working With Youth (Scripture Press, 1982)
  • Executive editor, National Network Magazine (1983-present)
  • Executive editor, Insight for Student Discipleship (1979-1983)
  • Editor, Discipling the Young Person (Here’s Life Publishers, 1985)
  • Various magazine articles


  • Portland, OR
  • Alabama

  • Southern California


  • “I love Paul. He is a man of his word. He has a passion for Christ and an amazing gift for networking and building relationships. He was and still is a pioneer in bringing leaders together for the greater good of Christ’s kingdom.”
    Jeremy Story, President, Campus Renewal Ministries
  • “Paul Fleischmann is a well-respected and outstanding leader. He is incredibly well connected and an outstanding consultant with great wisdom. I highly recommend Paul for his insight and integrity.”
    Jim Burns, President, HomeWord
  • “Paul is a highly competent ministry veteran with a passion for youth ministry and youth ministers. He is wise and compassionate, a good listener and a valuable asset.”
    Ron Marrs, Assistant Professor, Western Seminary
  • “Paul is one of the most gifted team builders I know. He has an ability to bring people to the table that few people possess. His humble demeanor is disarming and reassuring. I have watched him coach high-powered youth ministries leaders with grace and yet still rally them to a singular purpose. I know of few men who have had more influence on the direction, heartbeat and future of student ministry than Paul. He has influenced my life and I am honored to call him my friend.”
    Mike Calhoun, Executive, Word of Life Fellowship
  • “I have known Paul Fleischmann for over twenty years. It would be impossible to count the number of people and organizations that have been strengthened, influenced, and encouraged by him. His depth of character, integrity, absolute commitment to following Christ, and years of experience in youth ministry, networking, leadership, and management provide a strong foundation enabling him to be a powerful servant to others. Paul offers creative and practical solutions for those he helps. Over the years, we have been involved in numerous projects together, and it has always been a joy to work with him.”
    Dick Durant, Senior Consultant, Lillestrand and Associates
  • “Paul brings a true level of discernment and wisdom to any group he serves or project he leads. I envy his ability to gather highly visionary leaders, give them equal input, and gain shared ownership of an output or outcome. His calculated leadership and ability to team build is extremely valuable to project management and organizational development. He is a great listener and encourager who stays the course and steadies the ship.”
    Timothy Eldred, President/CEO, Christian Endeavor Int’l
  • “Paul still ‘bleeds’ as much as ever for the cause of working together to reach our youth. His experience, wisdom and skills are invaluable to me. God has built a partnership between us over the years that not only makes me better, but helps the Network be better equipped for the future.”
    Daryl Nuss, Executive Director, National Network of Youth Ministries
  • “Paul is a man of great wisdom, integrity, and has the experience to help you in every stage of your organizations development. Paul is a world-class leader, and knows how to help people become all they want to be. I often look to Paul for direction, guidance in key decisions, and for advice. If you get the opportunity to utilize his expertise, you will be excited at the results!”
    Chuck Reischman, Director, Joshua Force